AG Tour Bus
Periodically, One of our lenders supply our Network with a 50 Passenger Bus where 8 of our Members will be selected who have a current listing in Santa Clarita who needs it to be previewed to get people to see it. The cost is $25 to have your home placed on the Bus.  All sign-ups will be held at the meeting.c

We have created our very own Comment Cards for our Members to fill out and give to the Agent after home has been previewed.



Every member is sent our unique logo which we encourage you to place it on your Real Estate marketing materials to show that you are a part of this exclusive, elite, Organization.

AGSCVlogo AGSFVlogo AGAVlogo

Group Picture

We update our Group Picture 2 Times a Year to make sure that it is Current with our Membership.  You will be notified when we will do it again.

SCV AG group PANO 1 titled

Real Estate Coaching
Real Estate Coaching with David Keesee: These training sessions are complimentary to all Members to learn and think like a CEO.  Topic will very from strategies to Business Planning and everything in between.
Marketing Team
We have retained the services of a Marketing Company who has devised at High-Touch Campaign to promote our Member’s Listings in a “Out of the Box” fashion, which in return, gives us a very competitive edge in the efforts to give our listings a higher degree of visibility.
Open House Matchmaker

Our Members can post on our Facebook Page if they have a particular listing that needs to be sat for an open house. Members are asked to reach back to the Agents personally.

Video Marketing
Video Marketing

Every Member receives a Video Presentation; this presentation has been used as a pre-listing presentation showing the magnitude on how well you promote both sellers and buyers. Many agents also use this video for social media purposes.


Some members request having their video’s more customized with their names and more video footage of them in this presentation.  This is a free service provided by membership.

Signature Listings
We have designed a 2-minute media program where members of our Affiliate Team host the show.  The purpose of the show will have dual purposes: promoting and endorsing both you and your listings to the Real Estate community and the consumer.  YOU MUST E-MAIL YOUR MLS SHEET AND UP TO 5 PICTURES TO SUE BAXTER DIRECTLY.

Signature Listing in Spanish: We are expanding our buyer reach to have selected signature listings done in a Spanish format to widen our search radius and to service our Hispanic customers.